Sunday, 3 May 2015

Beltane Celebrations and Maypole Dancing Glastonbury 2015

So I'm finally sitting down on Sunday afternoon to write a little about Beltane in Glastonbury this year, 2015. We had a lovely day and this year it stayed dry all day! The sun did try to shine on us a little to bring in the glorious start to summer but it was a very brief showing!

Beltane celebrates the start of the summer on the Pagan Wheel of the Year and it is celebrated in great style in Glastonbury with much joy and merriment. This follows ancient traditions, Beltane always was a festival of great joy, a time for honouring all of our Mother Earth's bounty and the love and fertility that is all around us at this time of year. Beltane is not for the shy it is for celebrating love and not being afraid to express that love.

We started the day with a beautiful ceremony in the Chalice Well Gardens. Having driven down just for the day I didn't think I could make it through the day getting up at 2am so we had to forgo the dawn ceremony on top of the Tor which was a shame. The Chalice Well was beautiful as usual and the fire jumping occurred with great gusto this year which was immense fun! I met Tessa and Sosha there, both looking beautiful in this pic. 

Celebrating the love at Beltane
The crowning of the May King and Queen and the entertainment in the Town Square was as usual hugely enjoyable with lots of folk joining in with a song to contribute. We the processed up to the White Spring for the blessing of the May Pole. I chatted to Julie Ann there who makes many of the handmade cloaks being worn today. www.avaloncloaks.co.uk. We then made our way unto Bushey Coombe for the ceremony and Maypole dance.

I hope you enjoy the photos and if you were there please do drop me a line. If any of you are in them and you would rather I take them down then please do say and I will take them down right away.

Beltane blessings to you all,


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