Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Waning moon leaf letting go exercise

Waning moon exercise: Blowing your troubles to the wind.

The waning moon is an excellent time to let go of anything that is not right in your life. This might be a person, a project, an illness or a way of thinking. The moon is considered to be waning from 3 days after the crest of the Full Moon until the dark moon. As it recedes, and appears to diminish, this is the perfect time for banishing unwanted situations.

This is a very useful exercise to perform to help you let go of anything that is troubling you at the moment. Spend some time thinking through your life, sometimes it is hard to let go or walk away from a situation even if you know that you need to. Carrying on with something that is not doing you any good will only cause you stress and anxiety as you ponder on your problem.  This exercise is a good one for releasing any of those issues, it enables you to concentrate in your mind on what is really important to you, using your intentions to lovingly release what you need to. Fulfilling this exercise as the moon wanes is ideal as it creates space in your life for more positivity when the moon begins waxing again.

Firstly go and find some leaves that have fallen from the trees during the autumn. There should be plenty of leaves on the ground near any large trees, maybe in your local park. You will also benefit from a lovely meditative walk amongst nature. Whilst you are walking, think of all that you would like to banish from your life. Practising this form of mindfulness whilst in the company of nature is a wonderful exercise.

Now bring the leaves home and on each leaf write something that you need to dispel from your life. I used a silver marker on mine but most felt tips or markers will work. You may have just one thing that you need to let go of at the moment or you may have lots, you do whatever is right for you today. Once you have written your thoughts on the leaves, take them back to the park, or your garden where you found them, crush them and scatter them to the wind. As you crush them and watch them blow away imagine all your thoughts and worries being carried away on the wind. Remember mindfulness, it is important to be completely in the moment when you conduct this exercise, try and give your attention wholly to the task in hand and what you are releasing from your life.

If you are not able to find any leaves near you, you can still perform exactly the same exercise in a meditation. Imagine yourself taking a walk in the beautiful countryside, you find the leaves and write what you need to on them, then you picture each leaf as you crush it and watch it disappear, taking all your worries and anything that you need to let go of, with it. You may be more of a visual person so you may like to imagine pictures on your leaves, for example if it is a person that you need some space from, you can imagine that person’s face on your leaf.

Whichever method you choose to use, do it mindfully, and with intent and you will feel those worries and issues melt away; leaving you happier and stronger.

More information on mindfulness can be found here:

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