Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How to make energizing sun water and bring abundance into your life.

You can make sun water in a similar way to making moon water. See my post on moon water for further information : moon water. Leave still or mineral water in a glass or ceramic bowl (yellow would be great to echo the beauty of the sun) covered with film or mesh from dawn until noon as this is when the sun is rising and will give your water the most energy. You may like to say a simple prayer as you put out your water. For example you could say

‘Mighty sun, beam your powerful rays down onto this water of mine. Fill this water with your strength and energy that we may benefit from your amazing power. Blessed Be’

If the day is more cloudy then you should leave your water for up to eight hours. If you don’t have a garden you can leave your container on a window sill, preferably east facing:the direction that the sun rises. You can make sun water at any time along the wheel of the year however the summer months are a more powerful time to make this water because of the increased strength of the sun. Litha or the summer solstice and Mabon are therefore ideal Sabbats on which to make your sun water.

You can add citrine if you wish to additionally charge the water. Citrine is a stone of abundance, it is used to attract happiness, wealth and laughter into your life. Citrine strengthens personal power and acts to combat any negative energy that is around you, either from people that you come across or excess electrical energy for example from televisions. Further information on Citrine and other crystals can be found on the Astarte-Moon website here: http://www.astarte-moon.co.uk. Tigers Eye would be another good crystal that you can use in your sun water. Tiger’s Eye is a very good grounding and balancing stone.  It is helpful for resolving inner conflict and blocked creativity, Tigers Eye energises you and lifts your mood.

Keep the water in a glass bottle once you have made it to maintain it’s purity. Plastic bottles slowly leak chemicals into the water so they are not a good idea.

There are many ways in which you can you can use this sun water. You will find that it has a different energy to moon water if you have made this before.  Your sun water will be charged with a happy, fun-loving energy. You can use the water as an energiser in baths. Adding sun water to your drinks will give you more energy throughout your day.  A wonderful way to start your day is with a yoga Salute to the Sun exercise accompanied by a glass of your sun water with a slice of lemon. Imagine the power of the sun as you are doing your salute to the sun and feel the sun’s rays filling you up as you drink the water, this will keep your energy levels topped up throughout you day.  The yoga sun salutation is an excellent way of awakening and balancing all your chakras. The name sun salutation translates to Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit which means praising of the sun. On a physical level the sun salutation improves, circulation, flexibility and stamina. It also increases blood flow to your heart. Diagram www.stylecraze.com

In addition I keep any small glass bottles that come my way then I can give my friends and family either the sun or moon water that I have made that month.  Cleansing your crystals with sun water will re vitalize and energize them

You can use your sun water to splash on the centre of your hairline to open your Crown chakra and clear your aura when you feel tired or doubt yourself. The crown chakra is often associated with the sun, the more activated the crown chakra is the more energy you will feel that you have. The energy will often appear as a golden halo of light, often termed a sun-circle. Strengthening the crown chakra in this way acts as a powerful detoxifier. It removes negativity and deep emotional blocks and gives you emotional strength and courage. Imagine that you are wearing a lovely golden crown full of sunlight and the sun’s amazing power.

Enjoy the energy that this sun water will bring to you and your friends and family.
Sunny blessings to you, Alison