Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Learn to see with your heart, not only your eyes. Brian Weiss quote on intuition and inner peace

We all want happier less stress filled lives don't we?

"Learn to see with your heart, not only your eyes. The more you listen to your inner voice, the more clearly it speaks. Intuition can be your best guide. "Brian Weiss

I love this quote, we so often go so quickly about our lives as we are so busy we make decisions and carry out actions based on what our head thinks we should be doing rather than listening to our intuition. Sometimes we need to quiet our minds and listen to our hearts, our soul knows the way, our intuition will show us the path, we just need to listen and trust in our own judgement.

Not listening with our heart often causes our lives to be full of stress as we go about from one task to another, not really thinking because we don't have the time to do so. If we slow down just a little and take a bit more time and use mindfulness in the tasks that we carry out day to day, we may find our lives become easier, less stress filled and happier. If we listen to our heart on a day to day basis we will gradually become calmer and more peaceful overall and life just then falls into place a lot easier. Inner peace comes from listening to your soul.

This is what Brian Weiss has to say on the subject of stress:

"Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace is an important step on the healing journey. Stress kills, there’s no doubt. Stress eats away at our happiness and joy, as well as our stomach lining. Stress raises blood pressure and directly harms our cardiovascular system. Stress depresses our immune system and allows chronic illnesses to overwhelm us, causing pain, disability, and even death. Basically, stress robs us of happiness and joy.
Stress is a mental state that can cause severe negative emotional and physical consequences. It can be entirely eliminated, or at least greatly lessened, by adjusting our understanding and attitudes, and by learning simple yet pervasive mental and bodily relaxation."
Source: Brian Weiss
Brian Weiss' book :
Eliminating Stress, Finding Inner Peace This a superb book for anyone wishing to further improve the stress levels in their lives.

"This book and its accompanying stress-reduction CD will help you deeply relax. It will enable you to release the acute and chronic stress we constantly carry in our bodies and our minds. It can help you remove the blocks and obstacles to your inner peace and joy, and prevent and heal stress-related illness and disease.
To heal yourself in this manner is a profoundly loving act. It is an act of self-love, because you are taking the time and expending the energy to heal yourself physically and emotionally, and to bring more happiness into your life. Regular practice with the CD will produce deep, long-lasting results."